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Hi, I'm James Peacock. I Help People Find You.

Running a business is oftentimes stressful (I know), especially when it feels like you’re spending as much time and money on bringing in new clients and customers as you are doing your “real” job: Providing your services, products, or expertise.

Thankfully, my “real” job is relieving that stress. By combining creativity, technology, and business-minded thinking, I help small Kiwi businesses grow – and I get results. Whether it’s developing a new website, designing a new brand identity, or managing an online marketing campaign – I work directly with my clients to understand their business, its goals, and how myself and my team can help them achieve those goals with services and solutions that “just work”.

But don’t just take my word for it! Have a look around my site to see what I can do, check out my recent work, and when you’re ready to take your business to the next level, or you just want a friendly chat, give me a call – I promise I’ll answer!

James Peacock, Website Designer
Digital Marketing Certificate
Wordpress Expert Certificate

Our Expertise

Website Design

Small Business Website Mockup on Laptop and Mobile

Super fast (no, really), responsive, beautiful, user-friendly, easy to manage websites designed to convert visitors into paying clients and customers.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Ads Mobile Phone Mockup

Comprehensive, transparent, targeted, and tracked Google Ads and SEO marketing campaigns that identify potential customers and clients and draw them in.

Brand Strategy

Peacock Solutions Business Cards Mockup

Professionally designed branding, logos, business cards, packaging, and more that effectively communicate your business’s message and mission.

Why To Choose Peacock Solutions

1. Agency Quality Work with a Direct, Personal Line of Communication

When you work with Peacock Solutions, you work directly with me. I respond to your emails (fast), I take your phone calls, if you’re in Auckland we can meet up, and we will build a relationship based on transparency and mutual benefit.

At the same time, “behind the scenes”, I collaborate with a team of experts to ensure that things get done, and that things get done well. Copywriters, IT Experts, Designers, Marketers, you name it.

What does this mean for you? It means that you get agency quality services in agency quality time-frames without large overheads pushing costs up and with a direct, personal point of contact: Me.

2. Full-Service Digital Solutions – a “One Stop Shop”

Instead of having to coordinate with a “website guy”, a “marketing guy”, and a “computer guy”, with Peacock Solutions you only deal with one guy (again, it’s Me).

I have a wide-range of expertise: Website Design and Development, Online Marketing Strategy, SEO, Google Ads Management, Facebook Ads Management, Call Tracking, Conversion Tracking, and more. 

And if there’s something I can’t personally do? One of my team members will be able to – and I will ensure it gets done so that you can focus on your own core business services with one less worry in mind.

3. A Completely Transparent Service from Top to Bottom

I like to build open and transparent relationships with my clients. This means that I don’t hide behind buzzwords and industry jargon. I break down and explain our processes to ensure that you understand exactly the work that’s being done and how it is helping your business – whether you’re a computer whiz or a late adopter you will always be kept 100% in the loop. 

4. Affordable, Flexible, Pricing Structures for Businesses of Any Size

I have an hourly rate, but it barely gets used – instead I prefer to create fixed-price quotes and proposals for my clients. This way we are both on the same page at all times – you know the service or product you’re going to get and you know exactly how much it is going to cost. Beyond that, I’m flexible with how and when I’m paid (monthly, lump sum, etc.) and am happy to work with you to figure out the best pricing structure for the services you require.

And with that in mind, if you are interested in any of my services and want a completely free, no-obligation quote, or have any questions at all, please just fill out our contact form or give me a call on 020 4170 3907. I look forward to hearing from you!

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