About Me

James Peacock

Hi! I’m James Peacock. I’m an (almost!) ex-student of the University of Auckland that loves to help small businesses thrive. In the past I’ve worked for legal firms (great), temp companies (great), and a collection agency (never again, please) – when I was younger I also had a stint doing door-to-door sales, so I’ve been around. 

It is from this experience working across a broad range of industries that I learned an indisputable fact: Most small (and even large!) businesses here in New Zealand have outdated, broken, or non-existent online presences, digital marketing strategies, and websites. Of course, having seen the transformative power of strong, cohesive, web design and online marketing strategies first hand, I created Peacock Solutions to provide affordable, personalised, agency quality services to these companies that I knew could benefit from them so much – and they have.

Over the years, I have built up experience and expertise in designing and developing websites, managing online marketing campaigns, and working with business owners to develop cohesive and successful brand strategies

And honestly, I would love work with you too, to truly understand what you and your customers want and need, and to help your business grow. So, what are you waiting for?

James Peacock, Web Designer and Digital Marketing Consultant Portrait
LLB/BCom Graduand
The University of Auckland
Google Ads Certified